They say that bathrooms are one of the focal points of every home and there’s a reason for that, it’s where we spend a lot of our time. Between getting ready for our day, using it periodically throughout the day and ending our day, the bathroom is always a part of our lives. So how do we make such an important place feel special, luxurious even?

The answer to that is easy- Marble countertops!

Why Choose Marble Countertops for Your Bathroom

No matter what room you choose to incorporate marble, its an easy way to bring solicitation and status into a space. However, marble bathroom countertops are always a smart move.

Marble countertops are sleek, lustrous, and extremely durable. Not only is marble a beautiful material for diverse home and office styles, but it’s also unique in that no two slabs are ever the same. The number of homeowners choosing to go with marble for their bathroom countertops is constantly increasing. Due to the cost-effectiveness, durability, and heat resistance of marble, it's become a very sought after material.

Although marble comes with a luxurious and pricey feel, it’s actually quite affordable in comparison to other natural stone countertop materials. Marble is also much more durable than other stone countertop options by substantially resisting heat, scratches, and cracks. For many reasons, marble countertops are always the way to go for bathrooms.

Types of Marble to Choose From

  • Crema Marfil Marble

    Crema Marfil Marble is a colored natural stone material derived from Spain. This type of marble is fairly common and typically comes in colors ranging from light beiges to natural pale yellows, which makes it an ideal choice for bathroom countertops.

  • Calacatta Marble

    Calacatta marble is a beautiful natural white stone derived from Italy. Although similar in appearance to Carrara marble, Clacatta stone is a rarety and tends to be pricer than other natural stone options. If you have a love for luxurious stone with a dramatic effect, Calacatta is a fantastic choice!

  • Nero Marquina Marble

    If you have a desire for back natural stone countertops, Nero Marquina marble should be added to your list. This stone comes from the Marquina region of Spain in Basque Country. Nero Marble makes a great addition to any dramatic black and white style.

  • Carrara Marble

    Carrara marble is generally procured in Carrara Italy (and occasionally Tuscany). This type of natural stone material comes in white, pale blues and grays which makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Statuary Marble

    Statuary marble (another natural stone from Carrara Italy) comes in glossy shades of white with stunning pale gray vein patterns making it a dramatic and unique addition to any home.


When shopping for your bathroom’s marble countertops, it’s important to get your stone from a trusted and skilled source. Finding the right marble countertop fabricator to custom design your homes natural stone countertops is a must!

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