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If you’re in search of beautiful, durable quartz kitchen or bathroom countertops, look no farther than King’s Granite & Marble in Houston, TX. We engineer our quartz with flexible resins for a high-performance surface as well as seamless installation.

In addition to being strong, our quartz countertops come in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and patterns. While a bright, clean white is trendy right now, we can create custom counters for you in red quartz, black quartz, and other natural tones. You have our commitment to helping you create the space you’ve always wanted.

"They did a fantastic job, I would highly recommend them. Very professional and very reasonable. Simply the best"

- J. Britt

Please read our five-star testimonials to learn more about our professional craftsmanship, then give us a call to discuss your custom quartz countertops at (713) 992-4326.

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Professional Quartz Countertop Installation

Because our company hires skilled fabrication specialists, we can cut and install any type of countertop your heart desires, including quartz. It’s no wonder that Houston homeowners find themselves drawn to our quartz countertops since they combine the beauty of natural stone with the functionality of manmade materials.

When handling a material as gorgeous as fabricated quartz, be sure to hire professionals who will install it properly. At King’s Granite & Marble, our contractors’ thorough process will ensure a job well done every time.

First, we’ll visit your home to measure the area, and then we’ll use those measurements to hand-cut the perfect slab of quartz for your space. However, before installing the countertops, we’ll also reinforce, polish, seal, and finish them by hand. That’s quality fit for a king!

Our Convenient 6-Step Process for Your New Countertops

  • Pick Your Stone

    King’s Granite and Marble helps homeowners find the countertop that works for your home’s function and individual style.

  • In-Home Consultation

    Our consultation is free and will give you an accurate estimate of your project’s cost without the hassles of upselling options you haven’t requested.

  • Countertop Design

    Explore a variety of high-quality options to find the perfect look for your home renovation project

  • Countertop Fabrication

    Our in-house fabrication process means less time waiting and more control over your renovation.

  • Expert Installation

    We cut and measure down to the tiniest margins and provide an accurate fit for your countertops.

  • Seal & Protect

    We seal and protect your countertops professionally with our proprietary sealant at no extra charge during your installation.

Are Quartz Countertops the Right Choice For Your Home?

If you like the sleek, modern look of quartz countertops, then you should absolutely install them in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons quartz countertops might be a good fit for you:


Out of all countertops money can buy, quartz counters are the strongest. These nearly indestructible counters resist scratches, stains, chips, and cracks, so you’ll continue to enjoy like-new quartz countertops for decades to come.


The resins in our custom quartz countertop slabs make them more bendable in the factory, which means we can mold the quartz in a way that creates all kinds of exciting designs for you, including curved kitchen islands or quartz bathroom sinks.

Low Maintenance 

Unlike granite, quartz doesn’t need for you to reseal or re-polish it—ever. Even if you spill red wine or acidic citrus on your quartz kitchen countertop, it won’t stain. Regular upkeep simply involves wiping the surface down with warm, soapy water.

Nonporous Surface 

With nonporous resin binders, You won’t have to worry about harmful bacterias like mold or mildew seeping in, whether from standing water in a bathroom or raw food in a kitchen. With Quartz, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safe environment.

Quartz Countertops for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

Quartz’s unbreakable, antimicrobial surface makes it ideal for high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz’s unbreakable antimicrobial surface makes it ideal for high-use areas like kitchens. Even if you’re an incredibly messy cook, quartz kitchen countertops will rise to challenge with every spill or graze of a sharp knife.

Quartz bathroom countertops

Quartz bathroom countertops also last a long time because they’re easy to clean, even in the face of toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, hairspray, and all the other products you may use in your daily bathroom routine.


Quartz countertops are not limited to the kitchen and bathroom. We can create custom countertops from quartz for your laundry room, mudroom, home office, and any other room where you want counter space. Quartz countertops can even work for your outdoor kitchen as long as it’s sheltered from sunlight.

And if you want to adorn any other element in your home with quartz—such as a fireplace surround, shower, or backsplash—as a professional stone fabricator, we’re fully equipped to help you do that. With quartz, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Us for Your Custom Quartz Countertops?

If you want quartz countertops that are unique to your space, turn to our experts at King’s Granite & Marble. We cut every slab ourselves by hand to fit your space, unlike other companies that often use prefabricated quartz.

When you choose us, your quartz counters will precisely fit your space’s dimensions, ensuring a continuous pattern throughout. Our attention to detail is truly second to none in the Greater Houston area. Perhaps most importantly, we won’t charge you a penny until we finish the job and you decide that you’re satisfied with the quality of your new quartz countertops.

  • We Don’t Quote Over the Phone

    We don’t believe in providing inaccurate estimates over the phone. Instead, we’ll schedule an on-site consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. Once we’re on-site, we’ll discuss your needs, provide options, and give you an estimate based on the scope of the project.

  • We Tailor Every Countertop to Your Needs

    At King’s Granite & Marble, we design every countertop to customers’ exact specifications. The result is unique counters that fit your space perfectly.

  • No Up-Front Cost

    We don’t require a deposit before beginning work, only collecting payment once a project is complete successfully.

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